Are you ready to activate your voice, and live your fullest, most self-expressed life?

  • Do you have something to share with the world, and self-doubt or distraction gets in the way?

  • Do you have some days where you feel like everything is turning out for you, and then suddenly sabotage city rolls through town?

  • Do you feel like you loose a lot of your unique power and light stuck in comparison with others, judgement of self, or feeling like you are trying to be good or fit in?

  • Did you know that everything you have gone through is your greatest source of power in this life?

  • Did you know that you literally have all the ingredients inside of you to create a life beyond your wildest dreams?

Then you are ready to FIND your VOICE, PLAY in your power, and CLAIM your grace.

I am here for you. I know the self-doubt, I know the fear, I know all of it, and YES we are here to shine this great love into the world.

Love in the Time of Corona

These times are so wild and we are all catching our breath and learning how to BE in each moment. Sometimes we just need a trusted other to ground, listen and offer counsel.


Finding Your Center in the Chaos

A Powerful Musical Healing Experience

In this hour long program you will receive 3 Practices for Navigating these times and Cultivating Your Authentic Voice

1. Landing into the Sacred Heart with Meditation

2. The Power of Embodiment- Your body holds the key to the Mystery

3. Awakening your powerful and healing VOICE with Devotion

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A Weekly Drop-in Recovery Group For All Seeking Support with ALL Addictions

  • Love & The Power of WE is the Medicine we Share
  • This is a confidential, safe space for all, we will hold the container with group agreements.
  • Please come however you are, and we ask for a readiness to learn, listen, and LOVE

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